Flo Rida & Jason Derulo - "Hello Friday" [Music Video Premiere!]

flo rida hello friday video
flo rida hello friday video premiere

Wondering why Flo Rida released this song in February if he was going to wait till late April to premiere the music video? I have the answer for you: "My House" exploded and went number one on Top 40 radio! Now that "My House" is losing a bit of momentum, though, it is the perfect time for Atlantic Records to start the massive promotion of the next Flo Rida single "Hello Friday" - which will appear on the rapper's upcoming studio album "The Perfect 10", due in stores later in 2016.

The upbeat synth-urban song, which features Jason Derulo, is all about having fun and dancing your work stress away, and that's exactly what is reflected in the Alex Acosta-directed music video which was unveiled on YouTube today, April 29th. Flo Rida and Jason are seen letting the infectious beat of "Hello Friday" take over their bodies, pretty girls in swimsuits performing a sexy choreography next to a gigantic "Hello Friday"-shaped structure, Flo having lunch at a TGI Fridays restaurant (nice...), and later being the life of the party at a boardwalk massive gathering at night time.

This will be a huge hit this summer...mark my words!

What do you think of the video?

By on April 29, 2016
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