FINALLY: Camila Cabello Announces First Solo Album Is "DONE"

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FINALLY: Camila Cabello Announces First Solo Album Is "DONE"

After scrapping a great deal of the original songs from the first version of her debut solo album (after realizing she had to record more songs like “Havana”, and after seeing how “Crying in the Club” kind of flopped of course), Camila Cabello has confirmed “the album is done”. Although, we’re missing an “again” after that “done”. Just saying! She confirmed the news on social media last night by posting a photo of herself with two producers in the recording studio. She captioned the black and white snap as: “my first album is done and the butterflies in my stomach are fully aware”. Camila’s debut solo album will be released “at the top of 2018”. And as we informed you some weeks ago, the album won’t be titled “The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving” anymore. Camila’s said she would announce the new title and explain the reason of the change in a public letter for her fans SOON (she was probably waiting to get the album done to announce the news, so expect the announcement to occur any day now!). Our bet is that Camila and Epic Records plan to name the album simply “Camila”.

If Camila’s debut album gets released somewhere in January then she will most likely resist with “Havana”. But if the release date is February or March, then she would definitely have to drop a new single, and it better be a smash. Because if she misses the mark with that album release date preceding single, she knows things will get ugly again (re-recording, etc). So Camila and Epic should think very intelligently about the best release date. If it depended on us, we would go with January and hang on with “Havana” (keeping up with the TV promotion of course).

By on November 22, 2017

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