Fifth Harmony’s New Single Titled “Down”? THIS Sounds Like A Snippet!

fifth harmony down

Could this be it? Could Fifth Harmony’s new single that drops next Friday, June 2, be titledDown”?

On the APRA AMCOS website (Australia’s ASCAP), a new Fifth Harmony song called “Down” was registered yesterday. The writers of said mysterious song are: “KOEHLKE D/COLEMAN J/DEMOREST J/DAVIS R”. And rumor has it now that “Down” could be the lead single from 5H’s much-anticipated third studio album. Why? Well, first because it’s the first new Fifth Harmony song to be registered on an ASCAP-like official website, and secondly because last night a clip of Fifth Harmony recording a song that could be titled “Down” was shared on social media too!

Update: Joshua Coleman, Jude Demorest and Dallas Koehlke are all co-writers of "Work From Home". OMG!

See the receipts:

Down”? YES, that’s “Down” for sure! And those were Dinah’s glorious studio vocals! It all fits. I mean, song registration and snippet all happening in the same day? That’s got to be something! BUT… it’ll be better to wait till June 2nd to find out for real. In the mean, just enjoy this snippet!

UPDATE: If you needed more confirmation, here it is!

By on May 27, 2017
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