Fergie's "Double Dutchess" Up For Pre-Order On August 25: No Joke

fergie double dutchess preorder

Fergie announced on social media today that her much-anticipated and much-delayed second solo album “Double Dutchess” will be available for pre-order starting August 25. Please mind this is not the release date of the album, I repeat, NOT the album release date, this is just the pre-order date! OK? Rumor has it Interscope Records will release “Double Dutchess” in either late September or early October - that being enough time for Fergie to release and promote a new single.

Fergie announced the pre-order with the following tweet/teaser video:

A couple of weeks ago what was believed to be the entirety of “Double Dutchess” leaked online. It was a great number of tracks, all in full versions, all original. Will this be what Fergie releases? We’ll find out when the official tracklist is announced with the pre-order on August 25. If it is, then Fergie is definitely screwed. But we really refuse to believe this, how could she even consider releasing the same leaked songs and be so shameless to wait till August 25 to put that same leaked "album" up for PRE-ORDER only, right?

By on August 17, 2017
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