Far East Moment Perform On Korean TV!

Asian-American electro-hop group Far East Movement are currently on tour in the distant South Korea, and took the opportunity to plug there their latest international single "Rocketeer" with a performance on popular music TV show "Music Core" on Saturday- Wow, I love how HD this vid is! The performance was good! Although why did they use the backing track for Ryan Tedder's chorus vocals? They could've asked a local artist to do that part...and I bet the audience would have loved it. In any case, nice to see F*M taking their music to other markets. I'm sincerely happy for their success. And BTW, no, I haven't got tired yet of "Rocketeer". I still jam to it. Far East Movement's major label debut CD "Free Wired" in stores NOW.

By on March 19, 2011
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