Fan Steals Lady Gaga's Mic in Cape Town

steals gaga micOh no she did not! It all went down at Lady Gaga's sold-out concert in Cape Town, South Africa on Monday night (December 3) when a creepy fan completely took over of Gaga's mic while SHE was singing her iconic hit "Born This Way" on top of her piano-motorcycle...Watch video below!

Lady G usually invites a fan from the crowd to come sit with her during the "Born This Way" performance. You know, so far these lucky fans are satisfied with hugging Gaga, sing along the lyrics with her, or getting some kind of thank you words by the star when she's done...but what this creepy female fan did to Gaga last night was unacceptable! What was going through her head? Maybe something like: 'F*ck this! I ain't pleased with 15 minutes of fame....this stage gon' be mine!'...LOL. Clearly Gaga wanted to look 'cool' at this situation, so BRAVO to her for tolerate this chick's face shoved to hers for many long lasting seconds.

NOTE: Mic getting stolen at 3:16 - DEAD at the guy at the end!


By on December 4, 2012
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