Exclusive Song Premiere: Marisa Maino - “Ever Young” [Bop Alert!]

marisa maino ever young

I remember I called Marisa Maino’s last single “Boy Toy” “my new bible” so imagine my excitement when I heard she was going to drop a new single this October. And imagine my greater excitement when I was offered an early listen of that song and then for Direct Lyrics to be the outlet for an exclusive world premiere one day before the new single hits digital platforms. Oh my! So, rising pop singer Marisa Marino’s new single is titled “Ever Young”, it’s a super catchy and totally relatable upbeat song where she encourages young people to make the most of their freedom-filled youth years, which is a period of your life that won’t repeat. In my case, I may in my late 20s but “Ever Young” gets me so nostalgic about the fun days where I was in my prime youth. Love particularly at that time was so special.

Talking exclusively to Direct Lyrics, Marisa told us the following about “Ever Young”:

“This song is about the pressures put on us during our youth. Society puts so much emphasis on our need to grow up that we forget to bask in our youthfulness. I think social media makes it hard for the younger generation to enjoy this period of our lives. We want the house and the cars right now, but we don’t want to enjoy the period before we get to that stage in our lives. I personally love being young and I love this stage of my life right now. I want to stay here as long as I can, probably a little too much. I think it’s the most creative stage I’ll ever be in. However, I still find myself putting an unreasonable amount of pressure on myself to be or act a certain way. My escape from that has always been love, whether that be the love of my friends or love in a relationship setting. So, this song is about using love to escape all the noise.”

“Ever Young” has a pleasant electro-pop beat, Marisa Maino’s vocals are so good – she was literally born to be singing these pop bops, and that chorus is catchy as heck and super sing-alongey. When the “So take me away to a place, where we could be forever-ever young” line arrives I just can’t help but to start jumping up and down wherever I might be. I mean, the beat at that precise line hits so hard.

Get into this banger immediately (and remember to support it on iTunes and the streaming platforms starting tomorrow, October 19).


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By on October 18, 2018
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