Exclusive Sigma Q&A: On New Single "Changing", Drums & Bass Genre & The Future

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Exclusive Sigma Q&A: On New Single "Changing", Drums & Bass Genre & The Future

If someone is killing it in the 'drums & bass' genre in the UK music scene, that's Sigma. The production duo, made of Cameron Edwards and Joe ‘Wooz’ Lenzie, started in the business a few years ago by releasing remixes, EPs or even teaming up with well-established DJs such as DJ Fresh, with whom together released the track "Lassitude”, which ended up on Fresh’s second album “Kryptonite” in 2010. However, Sigma’s big break came earlier in 2014 when they dropped “Nobody to Love”, a drums & bass re-work of the Kanye West single “Bound 2” (you know this one… it’s the song whose music video Kim Kardashian stars in). “Nobody to Love” reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart, and opened for Sigma the doors of worldwide fame.

Now trying to not let the Sigma momentum slow down, Cameron and Joe have found the perfect follow-up to “Nobody to Love” and will be officially releasing it on September 14th in the UK. The new Sigma single is called "Changing" and it features the one and only Paloma Faith. Sigma and Paloma together? That's right, it may sound like an odd collaboration at first but once you've heard "Changing" it will all make sense. The music video for "Changing" is already out, and Sigma shot it in Miami.

DirectLyrics recently caught up with Sigma for a quick interview. They talk about their new single with Paloma, travelling to Miami for the video shoot, sampling Kanye, their favourite songs of the moment, and reveal whether or not Sigma will be putting out an EP/full-length album in the near future. Oh, and do not miss they're Direct Lyrics shout out in the YouTube video below.

The Interview

First of all, congratulations on your new single “Changing”. The track is brilliant, and it totally sounds like a chart-topping hit. Did you feel the pressure, though, to record and pick the perfect follow-up to “Nobody to Love”?

Not really, We had a few potential tracks that could have been a follow up, it just so happened that 'Changing' seemed to be the most suitable.

The new single “Changing” (to be released on September 14th in the UK) features the one and only Paloma Faith. How did the collaboration with Paloma come about? Were you big fans of her music?

Paloma is a very talented individual, with an amazing vocal and a refreshing taste in fashion. We had already written the track and had recorded a few different demo vocals, and we felt that she would be perfect for a feature. We were honoured to have her on the track, as it is her first ever feature. Exciting!

You shot the music video in Miami. And I think a few scenes were filmed at the Little Havana neighbourhood. Why Miami? And what exactly did you try to convey with the video? Or was it just about having a good time in sunny Miami?

There was no real concept for the video, We just wanted to capture feel good images and bright colours that would compliment the track. Paloma looks great in it.

Sigma is proving ‘drums & bass’ isn’t dead but is actually very profitable (if done correctly, obviously!). What would you say to those who didn't believe in you for doing drums & bass? And do you think/hope the genre will see an explosion in talent in the coming months/years?

Drum and Bass seems to be a genre that never goes away, the UK dance scene has seen other styles come and go quite quickly. There are lots of talented new producers coming through, hopefully most of which we will sign to our label, Life recordings.

You’ve been in the music business for a few years now but your big break came earlier in 2014 with "Nobody to Love". #1 in the UK, and Top 5/Top 10 in many other countries! Did you expect this massive success?

It all happened very quickly with this record. The initial version didn't take us very long to write. The success of the track has been overwhelming at times, and has been an exciting time for us.

“Nobody to Love” samples Kanye West’s “Bound 2”. Are you big fans of "Yeezus" or what's the story behind this song?

We have always been fans of Kanye. This track for us was the stand out track from his latest album, and we felt it would work well at 'D&B' tempo. The rest is history.

Do you have plans to release an EP/full-length album this year? Or are you happy with releasing songs individually for the time being?

We would love to release an album at some point, but for the time being we are working every day on new tracks, with no release date for an LP. Hopefully some time in the near future.

For those who don’t know: how exactly did you two meet?

We met while studying at Leeds University, Cam was promoting events and I was Djing. Cam booked me to play at a few of his shows, we realized we had a mutual love for production, and the rest is history,

What are Sigma’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

Ten Walls - 'Walking with Elephants'

Sigma - 'Changing'

Ltj Bukem - 'Atlantis'

Jessie Ware - 'Tough Love'

Yogi Ft Pusha T - 'Burial'

Summer is here. And I’m pretty positive you will be insanely busy. How does your schedule look like?

Its insanely busy. We are about to embark on a 2 week tour of Australia and New Zealand followed by a solid diary of gigs in the UK, Europe and a few gigs in The USA. Its going to be lots of fun!

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By on August 8, 2014

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