Exclusive Q&A with Rising Pop Singer Tiffany Houghton / Talks Love For Avril Lavigne & Nick Jonas

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20-year-old rising pop singer hailing from Dallas, Texas (now moved to Los Angeles) Tiffany Houghton is bringing a fresh new sound to pop music with her own personal songs. She has it all in her in-expansion catalogue; upbeat, mid-tempo and slow jams. The beautiful blonde singer with a spark in her eyes has passed from posting covers on YouTube (although she still enjoys recording a few from time to time) to releasing her own songs (she’s a terrific lyricist, did I mention that?) on iTunes and even premiering music videos on the VEVO network. Through social media, Tiffany’s amassed a considerable number of fans, and that number keeps on enlarging.

The music video for her debut single “High” (2013) is above the 1 million views mark on YouTube, she dropped an additional song before 2013 ended called "Phone Call", and throughout the first 8 months of 2014 she's released four original songs: "17 Again", "Love Like That", "Island" and “The Best” (which Tiffany dropped after our exclusive Q&A with her below). Music videos for "Island" and “The Best” aren’t available yet, but Tiffany loves music videos, so expect to have those on YouTube soon.

DirectLyrics recently caught up with Tiffany Houghton for a quick Q&A and she had a few things to tell us. From what her song-writing process is, revealing whether she plans to drop an EP/album soon, touring with MKTO, her love for Nick Jonas or willing to give Avril Lavigne one of her songs! Get into Tiffany's riveting music now!

The Interview

1. At what age did you realize you had the God-gifted talent of singing and how did you exactly make it from Dallas to Nashville and then to release songs on iTunes and videos on VEVO?

When I was 6 years old I told my parents I would be a famous singer one day. I started writing in a journal at that age and then playing piano at 8! I started going to Nashville when I was 15 and then graduated early and made the move out there at 17!

2. What’s the song-writing process like for you? Do you go straight to writing the lyrics or do you come up with a melody first?

Lyrics always come to me first. I love writing on a piece of paper with a pen, then I get out my guitar and start pairing a melody in my head with the emotion of the song.

3. You’re currently releasing music independently, but your music video for “High” (released last year) has been watched over 1 million times on YouTube. Congratulations! Has “High” opened a few doors for you?

Thank you so much! More than anything, "High" was a personal success for me. I feel as if it gave me the confidence I needed to move forward into the world of pop music as both a songwriter and as an artist.

4. “High” was a really good pop song and so summery! Are you planning to release a song of the same upbeat, cheerful pop style this summer? (We definitely need a new "High"!).

I love happy songs, but to be honest my songs aren't something I can plan for. They come as real life comes - day by day. Some happy, some sad, all real.

5. You premiered last month a new song called “Island”. What’s the inspiration behind it and do you have a treatment for the video already in mind?

Yes! I am VERY excited about the treatment. I went into production on this song wanting it to sound like an 'Island'. I'm so proud of the way it turned out! Can't wait for everyone to see my vision come to life for the video.

6. You said last year in an interview that you were to release in 2014 fourteen new songs and music videos! That's an impressive number of songs. Are you going to keep that promise? Also, what's the reason behind releasing songs individually and not packing them all up on for an EP/full-length album release?

I believe each song has it's own life. At least in my case, they're all life stories and I think an album can cheapen a song. I want each of my stories to have their own life. I'm putting out lots of songs this year, but they will each come out separately so they all have their own time to shine.

7. You’re currently on the road with MKTO. What’s your favourite song of them and have you had any memorable anecdotes thus far?

I love "CLASSIC"!!! I dance on the side of the stage almost every night. The song doesn't get old. It's magical. My favorite moment with Tony was when we went and got some Mardi Gras masks in New Orleans! Malcolm and I like to play basketball. We're making a team!...I think we're better as musicians though.

8. You’ve done a few amazing covers in the past. What’s one that you hope to do very soon?

Well, I love Nick Jonas!!!! He tweeted me the other day and I cried. And I just covered his new song "Chains". That's my new cover!

9. What are Tiffany Houghton’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

'Classic' - MKTO

'Air Balloon' - Lily Allen

'When'- Shania Twain

'Chains' - Nick Jonas

'She Looks So Perfect' - 5 Seconds of Summer

10. Where are you answering this Q&A from and what's your day been like?

I'm in the back of a car on the way to 101.9 Amp radio in Orlando!! My day is just starting so I woke up on the bus then went into the the hotel and got ready!

11. If you could give one of your songs for an artist that you admire to record, who would it be, what song would you give him/her and why that song?

I would give my brand new song "The Best" to Avril Lavigne. She's an idol of mine and I think she'd kill it on that song.

12. You are very young girl and I'm sure you still have many dreams to achieve. What's the one dream you would like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I want to play a tour in arenas and I want to meet nearly every single person that comes to my show. I LOVE seeing the light in a persons eyes. They put that same light into mine.

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By on August 13, 2014
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