Exclusive Interview: Mackenzie Sol Talks New Single “Laugh”, Dreaming Of A Bruno Mars Duet & His Top 5 Songs Of The Moment! [New Discovery]

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Exclusive Interview: Mackenzie Sol Talks New Single “Laugh”, Dreaming Of A Bruno Mars Duet & His Top 5 Songs Of The Moment! [New Discovery]

I'm a fan of new artists succeeding.

Look at super young Mackenzie Sol for instance. The 16-year-old UK-born, LA-based boy became a sensation on social media a couple of years ago and that led to a career in music. And after releasing only two singles completely independently and self-paid, a label that likes to invest in new talents (shout out to The Hana Road Records) signed Mackenzie and he released only a few weeks ago his first label single, "Laugh". The song is a feel good pop jam with a Caribbean vibe and a message about positivity and trying to look for that light at the end of the tunnel always. Because every problem has a solution in the end. A music video for "Laugh" has also been released and it sees Mackenzie and a lot of his fans smiling and virtually smiling non-stop.

Isn't that chorus everything?

From time to time I need my fix of this kind of sweet teen pop.

Wanting to get to know more about Mackenzie Sol, we set up an interview with him. Check it out below. You will discover more about his incipient but prolific career, his new single "Laugh", his next projects, his taste of music, his "X Factor" story, among other cool facts. Pop music lovers, this is a "must" new artist for you.


1. Hi Mackenzie! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like thus far?

I’m home in Seal Beach, CA. I’ve had a great day of playing soccer and just came off a fun livestream on @lively. I sang lots of new songs and had so much fun talking to everyone.

2. How did the transition occur from posting covers on YouTube to signing to a label and releasing your original music on major platforms?

My management team set up a meeting with The Hana Road Music Group. When I met with the label, luckily for me, they saw something in me. I literally live and breath music, and everyone from the label saw that! I’m so blessed, and so excited to have such a solid team behind me.

3. You recently released a new single titled “Laugh”. For those who have yet to hear it, how would you describe the lyrics/story and sound of this song?

I love this song - it has that feel-good vibe just in time for the summer. The lyrics are lots of fun and also very relatable to anyone of any age. The lyrics also fit my personality so well because I try not to take bad things too seriously. I always try to find the positive.. and thats what "Laugh" is all about. If you're having a bad day, for whatever reason, just try to LAUGH it off and see the bright side.

4. What cool anecdotes can you tell us from the filming of the “Laugh” music video?

The video was so much fun to film and edit. The video was a crowd-sourced, or I like to say fan-sourced video; so I think it's great that my fans got the chance to actually be in the "Laugh" video. We invited some fans to AwesomenessTV, where we hung out and I got the chance to direct them in the video. Directing and filming videos are some of my favourite things - besides music, of course!

5. The music video for your 2016 single “My Name” racked up over 4 million views on YouTube. What do you think made this song connect with your fans and pop music lovers in general so profoundly?

Firstly, I am blessed to be part of the “Dance Moms” family! Kalani Hiliker from the show starred in the video. Kalani is so awesome and I think working with her certainly helped. I think the song is a great pop record for my age at that time, too. We shot the video in a school, and we just had the best time on set dancing and hanging out. I think my friendship with Kalani and the whole vibe with all the kids in the video came across really well.

6. What’s your reaction when you watch, or someone make you watch, your adorable impromptu X Factor UK audition from many years ago?

HA HA!! Well, I do cringe... but it was pretty funny!

7. Can we expect an EP or full-length album in the near future? AND, what’s next for Mackenzie Sol?

At the moment, we are recording singles... Lots of them! And hopefully we'll have enough to put out an album soon. I am touring the US starting in July with The Boys of Summer, and I’m so excited to perform live and meet people across the country at the shows!

8. What are your Top 5 most-streamed songs right now on your Apple Music/Spotify account?

"Castle on the Hill" - Ed Sheeran

"Despacito ft. Justin Bieber" - Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee

I'm the "One" - DJ Khaled

See You Again ft. Charlie Puth" - Wiz Khalifa

"Nothing Holding Me Back" - Shawn Mendes

9. Who’s your dream collaboration? And, how do you imagine your song to be like?

Both Bruno Mars and James Arthur. I admire them both! The style would be very different. With James, a very laid back acoustic and with Bruno a huge performance.

10. What’s an advice you can share with young people wanting to start in the music business?

All I can say is: do all you can do to study your craft and work hard!!

11. Thank you for your time, Mackenzie! Any last thing you would like to share with our readers?

Yes...Everyone, Go Stream "Laugh"!! It's sure to make you smile!! And follow me on socials for updates on new music and my tour!

Comment if you've @shazam d my new song and watched my embarrassing story ????????

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