Exclusive Interview: INNA Talks “Ruleta”, Spanish Music & Summer Holidays!

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Only a few days ago my girl INNA released her latest single "Ruleta", and I became immediately obsessed with this summer bop, so when the opportunity came to do an interview with the Romanian pop princess, I was in awe.

We did the interview recently and I asked her all about her new single, what singing in Spanish meant for her, what her favorite Spanish-speaking singers were, and she commented on writing herself the songs for her next musical project, and where she loves to summer.

Do not pass on this exclusive interview and keep streaming "Ruleta" all this summer long. I know it's already my summer anthem. And just knowing that INNA will be soon releasing more new music, it makes me more excited for the second half of 2017.


1. Hi INNA! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like so far?

I’m answering this Q&A from the plane, on my way from Antalya to Romania. My day has been nice, just packing and going to the airport. And reading all the comments from social media from my fans about my song “Ruleta”. Super exciting!

2. You recently released a brand new single called “Ruleta”. For those out there who haven’t listened to your new song yet, how would you describe the lyrics and sound of “Ruleta”?

It’s summerish, it’s cool, it’s fun and I dare to say…it’s catchy and addictive!

3. We see that you really like to sing in Spanish too. What is your opinion of this beautiful language and the opportunities it gives artists to break into other territories?

I love Spanish language! I love to speak, sing in Spanish. It’s a beautiful language, it has words similar to Romanian language, I learnt it quite easy.

It’s impressive how can music unites people. So, I love singing in different languages, for different fans. I have songs in French, Romanian, Arabic, Spanish and of course, English. And hopefully, many more to come!

4. What are some of your all-time favorite Spanish-speaking singers?

Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, J. Balvin, Maluma.

5. The music video for “Ruleta” is also out on YouTube. Could you tell us an anecdote from filming this music video? It looked like a lot of fun!

Actually, I was super chill in that day, super relaxed, just going with the flow. Most of the times, I’m kind of stressed out, because I want everything to be perfect.

Not too many funny stuff, just having fun.

6. I’ve read that you are planning to release an EP filled with Spanglish/English songs soon. What details can you reveal about this project?

I’m super excited about this EP, because it includes songs I wrote and it’s amazing for me! Actually, “Ruleta” is one of the songs from the EP, written by me with friends like David Ciente, Marco&Seba and Erik.

“Me Gusta” is written also by me and it’s on this EP. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

7. What are the Top 5 songs you are currently streaming a lot on your Spotify/Apple Music app these days?

ANTONIA – Iubirea mea from my friend and colleague from Global Records

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

Sam Feldt x Lush & Simon feat. INNA – Fade Away (haha)

Pink – any of her songs, she is amazing

Martin Garrix feat. Dua Lipa – Scared to be Lonely

8. You’ve been touring a lot lately. What’s one recent concert that caused a super memorable impression on you?

I had a great show in Poland last month, it was unbelievable, great energy from my fans! I also had a great time at my show in Amsterdam! I love all the people who know how to party, love, enjoy the music!

9. Now that the hot season is upon us. Tell us, what’s Inna’s favorite place to summer?

My favorite time to summer is Costa Rica. I love this place, it’s relaxing, amazing, it feels like Paradise.

I also enjoy spending time in Barcelona.

10. Thank you for your time, Inna! Any last thing you would like to share with our readers?

Wish you all a beautiful summer full of parties, love and good music! Especially my music! Kisses, INNA

By on June 29, 2017
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