Exclusive Interview: Earl Talks New Album “Tongue Tied”, Jazz Pop Music & Dream Collaborations!

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Exclusive Interview: Earl Talks New Album “Tongue Tied”, Jazz Pop Music & Dream Collaborations!

Check out our exclusive interview with rising jazz/pop singer Earl, an Alaskan-born Londoner whose music, if you haven't yet, you should start listening to right away.

Earl released her new studio album entitled “Tongue Tied” last Friday, July 28th, 2017 via BMG Records UK.

The latest single from the album was the catchy song “Baddabing Baddaboom”, but Earl’s currently promoting a new single now (the fourth), the mesmerizing “All That Glitters”.

Listen to these two songs first, and I guarantee you will fall in love with Earl’s unique voice and artist personality instantly. Next, read our exclusive interview to know more about this exciting up and coming singer.


Direct Lyrics: Hi Earl! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

Earl: I'm moving house! I did a yard sale last week and no one came (laughs). Guess they don't do it here. American...

DL: You recently released your new single “All That Glitters”. For those who have yet to check it out, how would you describe your new single lyrically and sonically?

E: 'All That Glitters' is about my journey with the things we tend to crave as humans. Money, love, beauty, to feel good - body, mind and soul. Most dreams are aimed at these targets.

DL: “All That Glitters” is featured on your new studio album “Tongue Tied”, which was released this past July 28th. What can music lovers expect to hear in this album?

E: A collection of salty sweet jazz pop. I've had some cheeky adventures and decided to have more fun from now on and I'm inviting people to come with me. I hope to make folks out there smile, laugh and let go a bit.

DL: Was it difficult only including 12 tracks on the album? Did you record a lot more in your sessions?

E: I recorded loads but these are the real contenders. I would love to release an extended version with 2-4 more that I'm in love with.

DL: We’re in love with your jazzy, bluesy/pop sound. Did you grow up listening to a lot of this genre or how exactly was the process of you becoming a singer of this particular genre? Your voice adapts so well to it!

E: I owe it to my Dad. He had a wicked record collection and I am the benefactor. The first songs I learned were Billie Holiday's songs when I was seven. She taught me the importance of dynamics. Then I learned from Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Doris Day, The Andrews Sisters and Miss Nina Simone.

DL: If you could record a collaboration with any artist tomorrow, who would it be, why him/her, and how do you imagine your song to be like?

E: Right now, I would love to do something Mark Ronson, Pharrell or my fellow Filipino Miguel.

DL: Which is your most played song on your Apple Music/Spotify account right now?

‘Faith' by Stevie Wonder and Ariana

DL: Thank you so much for your time, Earl! Any last thing you’d like to share with our readers?

E: Just sending love!

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