Enrique Iglesias Releases Depressing New Song “Despues Que Te Perdi”: Prefer This Or A Summer Bop?

enrique iglesias despues que te perdi

Long time no see, Enrique Iglesias!

The Spanish singer announced this week the release of a new single entitled "Despues Que Te Perdi". But it turned out the "new single" is actually just a remix of a song by Puerto Rican singer Jon Z of the same name that he released in February. The "remix" featuring handsome Enrique was released last night (March 13) on digital platforms. The official music video for the "remix" also premiered last night but it did so on Enrique's YouTube channel. And I'm confused as to why. Isn't "Despues Que Te Perdi" Jon Z's song? What's happening here? Does Jon Z's label maybe think that if people think this new version of "Despues Que Te Perdi" is Enrique's song it will have more success? I've heard the original song and I don't think there's anything else it can do. It didn't strike me as a song with massive potential for even greater success in the Latino music market if given a remix. I love Enrique but hearing this "remix" I don't think he adds anything to the song. It's the contrary... the song sounded better in the Jon Z solo version. Depressing Enrique is no fun. At least we get more new footage of his beautiful face in the new version's music video, though...

He better come through with a new song of his later in 2019. We need a summer bop from Enrique. That's his forte.


By on March 14, 2019
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