Enrique Iglesias Lip-Syncs In Debut US TV Performance of "Bailando" on "Got Talent"

enrique iglesias on americas got talent

Enrique Iglesias is a good person, and a terrific performer. But there are times, like last night, July 30th, on "America's Got Talent", when he messes everything up. Wednesday night saw Enrique offer the first televised performance of the 'English' version of "Bailando" on the NBC hit show.

The Spanish version of "Bailando", off of Enrique’s latest album “Sex + Love”, has been an enormous hit on the Latin Billboard Hot 100, Latin America and Spain. Seeing this, Republic Records thought it was the most clever idea to re-work "Bailando" and give it an "English" version featuring Sean Paul. The new edit was sent to radios earlier this month, and last night Enrique performed it for the first time on US television.

How did he do? Well, really terrible! Because he lip-synced the whole thing! As a matter of fact, Gente de Zona, Sean Paul and Enrique all did. Is the "Bailando" such a difficult song to sing live? It doesn't appear to me! Such an important TV show like "America's Got Talent", and Enrique does this? All eyes were on him, and his miming was so evident. Still, I think “Bailando” English version will smash this summer in the US. Hopefully Enrique realizes this awful ‘lip-sync’ mistake and gives “Bailando” a proper LIVE performance when he takes over “Good Morning America” on Friday.

enrique and sean paul on got talent


By on July 31, 2014
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