Enrique Iglesias - "El Perdedor" (Music Video)

Enrique Iglesias should think about focusing his career on only-Spanish music again, and give a well-deserved rest to his English endeavors. Why? His two last English singles; "Turn The Night Up" and "Heart Attack" have not been that well received on the charts, and his new single "I'm A Freak" (featuring Pitbull else, right?) is a straight-up EDM mess which will undoubtely share the same fate of its predecessors.

Enrique's Spanish singles are, however, performing extremely well on the charts, the Latin charts, that is. "Loco" (released in the summer 2013) reached #1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart, and his new single "El Perdedor" (The Loser) is burning up on Latin radio, meaning it will, surely, in a matter of weeks climb its way up to the top just like "Loco" did. "El Perdedor" is an emotional Spanish ballad, featuring veteran singer Marco Antonio Solis, which is currently serving as the theme song of Mexican televonela "Lo que la vida me robo".

All the English and Spanish singles will feature on Enrique Iglesias' forthcoming tenth studio album, to be released later this year via Universal Republic.

marco antonio solis el perdedor video
enrique iglesias el perdedor video

In the "El Perdedor" music video - unveiled on VEVO on January 20 - we see Enrique and Marco Antonio being the musical entertainers in a lavish dinner theather. Enrique will have to sing for his ex (televonela star Sandra Echevarria) and her new boyfriend, meaning it's Enrique "el perdedor" (the loser). He got replaced...!

el perdedor videoclip
By on January 20, 2014
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