Eminem’s “River” Music Video Feels Like A Déjà Vu: Watch The Premiere!

eminem river video
eminem river video premiere

I like Eminem but unfortunately this gets a “no” from me. “River”, featuring Ed Sheeran, is a great song, I won’t deny that, I actually listen to it quite often, especially in grey days, but this music video is just not what I expected. So no, I won’t be giving this a second view, sorry (and therefore I don’t see this music video breaking any kind of record). And that sucks because I really thought “River” needed a great music video with a great replay value for the song to be finally explode on the charts.

This music video feels like a combination of “Stan” and “Love The Way You Lie”. It’s evident that the theme of the video had to be this but I was hoping Eminem could deliver it in a more original way. But 7 minutes and serving the same “Stan”/“Love The Way I Lie” vibes? Pass.

FYI: “River” is the second single from “Revival”.

By on February 14, 2018
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