Eminem Scrapping "Walk On Water" As First Single From "Revival"?

eminem walk on water scrapped

Eminem Scrapping "Walk On Water" As First Single From "Revival"?

Trouble for Eminem? We all know “Walk On Water” isn’t Em’s best single ever, despite having Beyoncé on it, and unfortunately (but not surprisingly) the song is rather flopping on the charts (as of this post it’s out of the Top 20 on iTunes – and Eminem performed “Walk On Water” only this past Saturday on “SNL”!). So what is the one decision record labels take when something this embarrassing happens to a first single? (Embarrassing it is because a song with both Eminem and Beyoncé on it should be at a steady number 1 since release date until many months in the future!). Do some damage control by scrapping it as the first single of the forthcoming album. That easy. It’s an old trick but it still works. And it seems Eminem’s label just applied that trick. See below two screen captures of Eminem’s official website with only mere days of difference. See how the text saying “Walk On Water” being the “first single” from Eminem’s upcoming album “Revival” has been removed? That can only mean one thing. That the decision has been taken and that “Walk On Water” has officially gone from “first single” to “buzz single”.

eminem scraps walk on water as first single

We can’t believe this is happening to a well-established artist such as Eminem. It’s also a bit embarrassing for Beyoncé, but more for the Detroit rapper. We should definitely expect a new single from “Revival” to arrive online before the year ends (and we should expect it to be a little bit more radio-friendly too. Eminem knows his pride won't tolerate another failed lead single).

By on November 21, 2017

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