Eminem Premieres "Walk On Water" Music Video On VEVO: Watch

eminem walk on water
eminem walk on water video

Eminem Premieres "Walk On Water" Music Video On VEVO: Watch

Eminem premiered the official music video for “Walk on Water” this week exclusively on Apple Music but the “exclusive” only last 24 hours, for the full video is now available on VEVO for everybody, without a subscription to anything to watch. Apple Music had it as its exclusive on Friday and lost that exclusivity to VEVO on Saturday. “Walk on Water”, featuring Beyoncé, is the lead single from Eminem’s ninth studio album “Revival”, if you live under a rock and didn’t know. There’s sad news about the music video, though. And it’s Beyoncé-related sad news. Queen B isn’t in it. That’s right… Eminem may be one of the most legendary rappers of all times but apparently he’s not worthy of a few hours of Beyoncé’s precious time for a music video shooting. The recording of the song she must’ve agreed to because she would get royalty payments from it but the music video? There’s not money for Beyoncé from it. So she passed!

The “Walk On Water” music video sees Eminem performing on the main stage of an empty theater, drafting a letter in a typewriter, and facing snow storm.

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By on December 24, 2017
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