Eminem Brings Present And Past To 2017 "SNL" Performance: Watch

eminem snl 2017
eminem snl 2017 performance

Eminem Brings Present And Past To 2017 "SNL" Performance: Watch

Detroit rapper Eminem was the musical guest on the Chance the Rapper-hosted sixth episode of season 43 of “Saturday Night Live” that aired yesterday. Eminem appeared on the NBC show to promote his latest single as well as his upcoming ninth studio album “Revival”, whose release date is still a mystery. Last night, Eminem didn’t perform two times as all artists do on “SNL”. He opted to do one performance only, but a long one. He performed a medley of songs. The medley consisted of “Walk on Water” (Em’s new single and Revival’s first offering), “Stan”, and “Love The Way You Lie”. For all songs, Eminem recruited the help of protégée Skylar Grey. She stepped in for Beyoncé on “Walk on Walter”, Dido on “Stan”, and Rihanna on “Love The Way You Lie”. Why didn’t Beyoncé attend “SNL” to help Eminem out with their new single “Walk on Water”, though? Beyoncé currently has no music to promote nor she’s on tour. True that she’s probably hands full taking care of her newly-born twins but we’re sure she could have spared a few hours of her schedule to perform “Walk on Water” with Eminem last night… but whatever. She most likely must have warned Em’ that she would be on board about recording the song but not promoting it anywhere. Em’s answer must’ve been: “Deal”.

Skylar Grey did a good job stepping in for Beyoncé, Dido and Rihanna. No one can deny she’s a very talented singer. It’s a shame her career as a recording artist didn’t work out as we all anticipated.

By the way, why on Earth would Eminem perform the oldies “Stan” and “Love The Way You Lie” when he’s reportedly about to drop a new album? Should’ve been the most obvious move to perform a second track from “Revival” instead?

What team are you? Team new music or team nostalgia?

By on November 19, 2017

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