Embers Fly High In Niall Horan’s “On The Loose” Music Video: Watch Now

niall horan on the loose video
niall horan on the loose video premiere

Just like he promised the “On The Loose” music video premiered today, and early today – which is great because we don’t have to build any anxiety waiting for the new music video to premiere late at night or just after we went to sleep. Niall Horan’s Jake Jelicich-directed “On The Loose” visual is a sultry effort that sees the One Direction man always wearing an “I have something on my mind” look and chasing after a hot girl he’s totally in love with. He will chase for her at the valley under a scorching sun and at her house on the hills where she will wait for him dancing around a bonfire in the evening.


This is a very simple music video but an effective one nonetheless. The video captured the true sensual essence of this song to perfection. And didn’t you love the ending with the embers flying in the air? That looked cool.

On The Loose” is the latest single from Niall’s debut solo album “Flicker”.

By on March 6, 2018
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