Ellie Goulding Disrespects “Something In The Way You Move” With “Lazy” Music Video: Watch


British singer Ellie Goulding premiered today, February 23rd, the official music video for “Something In The Way You Move”, the latest US single from Ellie’s “Delirium” album that she released in November last year.

“Something In The Way You Move” has been steadily climbing up positions on Pop radio in America in these latest weeks, so there’s nothing surprising for Ellie to unveil the oficial music video now. The single was already demanding extra help to keep the climbing up.

The music video for the latest Ellie Goulding single is partially in black and white and partially in color and it is a concert music video, shot at one of the latest stops of the British singer’s on-going “Delirium World Tour” (at the beginning of the video it is revealed that the video was shot in the Antwerp, Belgium stop of the tour).

ellie video 2016

Cute video, I liked the directing and camera work (good job, Ed Coleman) but truth is that I was expecting a better, high-budgeted, with an actual treatment music video for the amazing “Something In The Way You Move”… and not this lazy effort. A concert music video? Really? “Something In The Way You Move” is little by little becoming a bona-fide pop hit in the US and this is the music video that it gets? I know that Ellie is busy with the tour and that she has little time off but still… her label could’ve done some arrangements to shoot a proper music video in some two-day, or three-day break of the tour.

Oh well! Commenting on what we have, it’s a “cute” thing, as I have already said, but OMG at the corny choreography Ellie does during the “Something In The Way You Move” chorus at her tour concerts, lol. WHAT IS THAT?

Anyways, Ellie did look stunning in this “music video”. What a stunning face she has!

What do you think of the video?

By on February 23, 2016
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