Dua Lipa Shows How To Do Miami In "New Rules" Music Video: Watch

dua lipa new rules video
dua lipa new rules video premiere

Dua Lipa Shows How To Do Miami In "New Rules" Music Video: Watch

After watching this music video, I’ve learned one thing: I need to book my flight ticket to Miami as soon as possible because I need to be there this summer and copy everything Dua Lipa did in this new music video! Literally.

The British singer premiered the music video for “New Rules”, the latest single from her eponymous debut studio album, today on VEVO and it is so summery, so sassy, and so flawless. Whoever came up with this concept for this music video was a genius (was that you princess Dua? I know it was you!). The video sees Dua Lipa and her group of close friends enjoying a summer holiday getaway in sunny Miami Beach. They will do a slumber party in one of their hotel rooms, they will brush each other’s hairs on the floor, they will do a choreography in the hallway, they will strike multiple model-esque poses by the pool outside, and so and on and on (“on and on” being more girly stuff).

I loved this! I love how Dua Lipa brings her model background to all of her music videos. She’s learned to be fierce and she knows how to slay a camera.

By on July 7, 2017

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