Dua Lipa Covers ‘V Magazine’, Katy Perry Interviews Her

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Dua Lipa is on the cover of the new issue of V Magazine.

The British singer looks kind of unrecognizable with that hair, don't you agree?

Anyhow, Dua's cover story for this issue features an interview carried out by the one and only Katy Perry (I kid you not. Katy Perry as in the pop star who sings "I Kissed A Girl"). How was this made possible? I'm really curious. Because we all know Katy is one very busy artist! (So cool, though. What I wish there would be a video of this interview!).

During their conversation, the "New Rules" singe revealed the origin of her name, meeting Katy for the first time at age 15 in a London concert, being friends with other singers in the industry, wanting to have a career like Pink's, among other very interesting things!

This is a must-read!

Check out a few excerpts from the Dua, Katy interview below and click here for the full thing on

KP Your name is so beautiful, interesting, and unique. What does it mean?
DL My parents are Albanian, from Kosovo, and Dua means love.
KP So, you’ve told me that you came to my show [years ago] and I pulled you up onstage with a medley of other people [Lipa laughs]. I was on the “California Dreams” tour, which was me at my most candy-fied, and I was pulling people up to dance with me during the cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” What really went on? Tell me everything!
DL I think I was 15 and a friend of mine surprised me [with tickets] for a birthday gift. I was like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it, I wanna go to the front!” We queued for quite a while at the Hammersmith Apollo. There were super-fans in gingerbread costumes with blue wigs and I was so pissed I didn’t have a wig.
KP Whose career trajectory would you like to emulate?
DL I think P!nk has been able to go with the times, and stay true to herself. And everything you’ve done has been so inspiring to me, since I was really young. The most important thing is staying true to who you are musically, but growing in a really healthy way. Fans get upset if their favorite artist changes genres, but it can just be about growing with who they are as a person.


By on April 12, 2018
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