Drama Sells: Zayn Gets Shady With One Direction Again In New Song “Good Years”

zayn good years

Zayn knows drama sells. He’s a genius. The British lad released a new song off his upcoming second studio album “Icarus Falls” today (Dec. 6) on digital platforms. Titled “Good Years”, the Khaled Rohaim and MakeYouKnowLove co-produced piano-based mid-tempo ballad hears Mr. Zayn talking about the daily anxiety experiences for living a life in the spotlight and totally shades his time in One Direction - AGAIN. Fans didn’t want to believe it come on, it’s so freaking obvious. Look at these lyrics:

“Too much drugs and alcohol

What the hell were we fighting for

I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears

I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years”

STREAM (click here for the full lyrics)

It’s not new news though Zayn regretted his time in the boyband but we all thought he had moved on from that topic. So “Good Years” came as a total jaw-dropping surprise. And of course there are several One Direction nostalgic fans slamming Zayn right now on Twitter. They didn’t like the tone of this song one bit. It’s “unnecessary shade and drama”, they say. But as I said, drama sells and Zayn knows it. He just easily scored thousands of blog headlines thanks to this song and he knows this will be good promo for “Icarus Falls”.

UPDATE: Zayn’s genius plan just got even more successful. Take a look at the tweet Louis Tomlinson posted a few minutes ago:

LOL. Louis is furious. More free promo for Zayn!

Icarus Falls” drops on December 14. Will there be more One Direction shady songs?

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By on December 6, 2018
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