Drake Takes New Shirtless Selfie: Body Is On Point!

drake shirtless

Drake is enjoying a well-deserved vacation time in some paradisiac place these days. And when the heat is scorching hot, what's one thing that you don't require anymore? Clothes of course! Check out the amazing shirtless pic Drake shared on social media on Sunday (Dec. 9). I guess he was contemplating the good results his gym time had been giving him and decided to capture the results with a quick photo in his hotel bathroom mirror and share his happiness on social media for the viewing pleasure of his fans.

Wowza! Drake is looking good! Cool tattoos, check, biceps, check, chest, check, and abs, check. Whoever his personal trainer is, he’s doing a good job with his pupil.

Last month Drake wrapped up his joint tour with Migos. Now he’s taking a break from work until he returns to start recording the follow-up album to “Scorpion

Did this Drake pic make your day feel any better? LOL!

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By on December 10, 2018
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