Drake Brings Out Nicki Minaj In Paris, She Performs "No Frauds": Watch

drake and nicki minaj in paris

Drake Brings Out Nicki Minaj In Paris, She Performs "No Frauds": Watch

At his “Boy Meets World” tour concert in Paris, France last night (March 12), rapper Drake gave fans more than what they could have ever expected. The handsome Canadian MC brought out Nicki Minaj on stage! And YES, the crowd went crazy.

Nicki and Drake performed their hit collaborations “Moment 4 Life”, “Truffle Butter”, and “Only” together and then Drake stepped back and let Nicki soak all of the spotlight to debut her new single “No Frauds” for the first time on a stage. Unfortunately, she didn’t do the full song. She just sang the chorus over a backing track. Why couldn’t she do more, though? Maybe she’s saving full debut performance for a major televised event/TV show?

Drake means the world to me, and I want you guys to know that. Also, I just want to beg you guys to chase your dreams. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your motherf*cking way. You are important, and if a n*gga don’t know how to treat you, he got to get the f*ck out your motherf*cking life”, Nicki told the audience at some point during her surprise Paris appearance.

She’s feeling really empowered these days, huh?


By on March 13, 2017

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