Drake Brings Out Bad Bunny, Lil Wayne & DJ Khaled In Miami, Doesn’t Know His Spanish Lyrics

drake miami

Drake brought his co-joint tour with Migos to the American Airlines Arena in the city of Miami last night (Nov. 14). And Aubrey had a few surprises in store for his fans in the hot and humid State. The Canadian rapper brought out 3 guests on stage during his section of the concert. He brought out Lil Wayne to let him perform his latest single "Uproar", then he brought out DJ Khaled to let him perform his old hit "All I Do Is Win", and finally Drake brought out Puerto Rican trap singer Bad Bunny to perform "together" their newly-released Spanish collaboration "MIA". Unfortunately, this last performance had some cringey moments. Why? Because Drake didn't know the lyrics, lol. It became evident last night that Drake just read the lyrics and learned how to pronounce them only for the period of the recording process in the studio. Stepping out of that bubble, Drake has no idea what the lyrics are and possibly what they mean either. So he just let the playback of his parts so the job at the Miami performance last night - which possibly was the first and last time we will see Drake and Bad Bunny sharing the stage.

Lil Wayne

DJ Khaled

Bad Bunny

Do you think should have done his homework before this "MIA" performance?

By on November 15, 2018
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