Don’t Mind The Silly Title! Stream Dinah Jane’s “Dinah Jane 1” EP Now

dinah jane ep

Dinah Jane has released the first EP of her solo career and the EP’s title is just the best title EVER: “Dinah Jane 1”… LOL. Who thought of this title? I really want to know. That man or woman needs to be in charge of naming of all the EPs and albums of all artists in the world from now!

“Dinah Jane 1” has only 3 tracks (5 should be the minimum for EPs in my opinion) and they’re all original (thank God. Imagine if “Bottled Up” and “Retrograde” would have been 2 of the 3 LOL).

I love the artwork for the EP and the songs are okay. Unfortunately, Dinah hasn’t found THAT SONG that will help her have a successful solo career yet. But I know she’s going to keep trying. She should be feeling happy that she’s the first former Fifth Harmony member besides Camila to have a “project” out.


'Heard It All Before'

'Pass Me By'

'Fix It'


By on April 19, 2019
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