Don’t Dismiss Iggy Azalea Just Yet… “Sally Walker” Is A BOP!

iggy azalea sally walker

I like that Iggy Azalea has that phoenix syndrome. Even though you think she's dead, she's always going to come back.

The Australian raptress unleashed her new single "Sally Walker" today (March 15th). And she didn't just release the audio on digital platforms, she also premiered the music video on YouTube. The song is catchy, I can see it getting "trendy" on Instagram, and it definitely sounds like something radios would enjoy playing. An overall strong "commercial" rap-pop single from Iggy. I've just added it to my gym playlist on Spotify and you have to give me that ooh-ah-ah sensation to get into that playlist so congrats to Iggy. That's already "success" in my eyes. But speaking charts, "Sally Walker", as of this post, a few hours since official release, sits at #65 on iTunes (USA). Hmmm... considering Iggy is independent now, I guess it's fine. She made it on the iTunes Top 100 and that's all it matters. Now she has to work, work, work to make the song climb/stay on the Top 100.

Regarding the music video, I loved. There are cameos from drag queens Shea Coulee and Mayhem Miller (loved their comedic moments) and from beauty guru James Charles (smart move to secure promo from him), Iggy looks freaking incredible, and this honestly looks better than some of the music videos by signed-to-major-labels artists.


By on March 15, 2019
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