Don’t Count On Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Doing A Tour Together Soon: Here’s Why!

mac miller touring with ariana

In a recent promotional visit to Sway Calloway’s SiriusXM radio show, Pittsburgh rapper and Ariana Grande’s current boyfriend, Mac Miller, discussed the reason why he isn’t thinking of doing a joint tour with the “Into You” singer in the near future, something that fans of Ariana and Mac have talked about in forums as a feasible idea. If Jay-Z and Beyoncé can go on tour together, why couldn’t Ari and M-Miller, right?

Mac’s answer below:

Dude got speechless when he heard Sway’s straight-forward question on the matter! Also, couldn’t help but to laugh at Mac’s face and reaction. He literally ‘choked’ on the question.

Eventually he replied that he doesn’t think he’s on the same level of popularity as Ariana and that he isn't worthy of touring with her at the moment for that reason. He also said that he’s afraid that if he goes on tour with her right now, her fans wouldn’t recognized him and would say “who the hell is that guy?”. Awww! So shy!

You better get a Billboard Hot 100 mega hit with your new album then!

Would a joint tour work for them?

mac miller touring with ariana grande
By on October 18, 2016
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