Do You Believe Rachel Platten’s Social Experiment In Her “Better Place” Music Video?

rachel platoon better place video
rachel platoon better place music video

Rachel Platten gave us this Monday morning (May 9), by means of VEVO, the official music video for her song "Better Place", the official third single from the 34-year-old's major label debut album "Wildfire". The song impacted on radios last month, so it was about time a support visual got premiered!

Directed by Matt Stawski, Rachel's new MV, for her super touching piano-led pop song "Better Place", sees her being the mastermind behind a revolutionary new treatment for music videos: she will ask fans to come to a studio, sit on a couch, and listen to her song in peaceful silence. Rachel will be hidden in a corner watching their reactions to "Better Place" on a small TV.

And as you can deduce, the mothers and daughters, friends, and couples that attended this social experiment will hold hands, cry, kiss, and just get very "expressive" as they listen to "Better Place" play on the stereo. Rachel will come out of her secret place at the end of the video to surprise her generous fans.

rachel platten 2016

My first reaction to this music video was: "aww! so nice!". But then, thinking it over a bit more, I just find it too hard to believe that some of these people weren't professional actors or that they hadn't "previously rehearsed" what they would do. The final result of the "Better Place" music video may be super cute (and exactly what the director and Rachel wanted), but I don't think the "Fight Song" singer is telling us all the truth.

What do you think of the video?

By on May 9, 2016
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