DJ Vice’s New GROOVY Song “Make Up” With Jason Derulo & Ava Max Is Worth Checking Out!

jason derulo make up video
jason derulo make up video premiere

DJ Vice released a new single called “Make Up” featuring Jason Derulo and rising pop singer Ava Max this week. Was this the best week to release this? Well, some would say that no. Why? Because this week Jason Derulo premiered the music video for his Nicki Minaj-assisted new single “Goodbye” and this song is evidently the one that is going to receive all the major attention. And DJ Vice didn’t just release “Make Up” this week on digital platforms; the American producer also premiered the music video. So… it’s a battle of Jason Derulo music videos and i don’t want to say which is going to be the loser of this battle but you can already imagine. DJ Vice should have rang up Jason, they should better coordinated their releases and Vice should have release everything about “Make Up” next week for instance. But oh well. What’s done is done.

Make Up” is a really groovy song, it’s a song I’m liking, Jason Derulo sounds excellent in it and what a discovery Ava Max has been for me. I didn’t know her until today. And I just found out she a single, a song called “Sweet but Psycho”, hit #1 in Sweden this summer. And wow, if Swedes love her, and they do have a great taste for pop singers and pop songs, then Ava Max is definitely worth checking out and following. She sounds great in “Make Up” for starters. I love the tone to her voice and all of the notes she effortlessly sing.

jason derulo and ava max

Watch Jason and Ava sing below about being an unusual couple who enjoy fighting because “making up” afterwards give them such as rush.


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By on October 25, 2018
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