DJ Mustard Releases Pop Single “Anywhere” With Vocals From Nick Jonas: Listen

nick jonas anywhere

DJ Mustard and Nicki Jonas on the same song? YES!

The hitmaker DJ released a new song of his today entitled "Anywhere". Vocalist job landed on Nick Jonas. Is this urban? NO! Surprised? I am indeed. I was expecting an urban banger but "Anywhere" is actually DJ Mustard's "poppiest" effort ever. It's not straight-up pop per se, it's R&B-tinged, but it's electronic/synth music in the end.

It looks like DJ Mustard's objective for 2018 is to get some airplay on pop radio.

"You could be anywhere right now / It ain't hard to see / I'll be your light / If you say the words for me", sing Nick Jonas on the chorus of the DJ Mustard single - a song where the handsome pop singer tells his girlfriend to not doubt he has her back.


Read the lyrics to "Anywhere" here

By on May 11, 2018
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