Disclosure & Lorde - "Magnets" [Music Video Premiere!]

lorde magnets video
lorde magnets music video

Oh my Lorde! Is that you? I can’t believe I’m seeing Lorde playing the role of a mistress who breaks a couple, makes out - so hardcore - in the kitchen with the cheating husband, with the wife in the next room (even letting the dude grab her ass!), and ultimately killing “someone”. This is making me so excited about the New Zealander’s upcoming second studio album – she’s going to unleash new sides of her!

Disclosure premiered on VEVO today (Sept. 29) the official music video for “Magnets”, the Lorde-asssisted newest single from the English electronic music production duo’s “Caracal” album – which hit stores worldwide last week. “Magnets” is EVERYTHING AND BEYOND thanks to that flawless, and catchy Lorde chorus. You don’t need to hear the verses and bridge if you don’t want to; just go for the chorus.

The “Magnets” clip shows QUEEN OF DARKNESS (she’s spooky in here!) Lorde being THE MISTRESS of a cheating husband. But she doesn’t plan to be the other woman for too long. Lorde will give the man an ultimatum; “tell your wife and be mine only or you will face serious consequences”. In the end, the poor man will pay…with his life. He will have such a tragic death at the hands of Lorde in a pool, literally, on fire.

My favorite scene? That hall walking of Lorde serving plenty of stroke-like moves!

What do you think of the video?

By on September 29, 2015
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