DirectLyrics Interviews Who Is Fancy: Talks Getting Ariana Grande & Meghan Grande On “Boys Like You”, Working With Republic Records and Scooter Braun & 2016 Projects!

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DirectLyrics Interviews Who Is Fancy: Talks Getting Ariana Grande & Meghan Grande On “Boys Like You”, Working With Republic Records and Scooter Braun & 2016 Projects!

One of the biggest pop revelations of 2015 has undoubdtely been Who Is Fancy. A ‘revelation’ indeed for when he started his music career in the spotlight early this year (with the song “Goodbye”) we didn’t know his real identity. Now we know he is Jake Hagood, from Bentonville, Arkansas, but he is sticking with “Who Is Fancy” as his stage name. Signed to Republic Records, the bubbly singer recently slayed every pop music lover there is in the world by releasing a new single called “Boys Like You” featuring young divas Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor. I mean, who gets these two major artists to feature on the second single of your career thus far? He must have killer connections, huh? Well, what if I tell you that Who Is Fancy’s manager is Scooter Braun. Say no more, I hear?

Oh, and for those thinking that Ariana and Meghan recorded this collaboration as a one-off thing for Who Is Fancy, didn’t you get the memo that all three performed “Boys Like You” together live on the “Dancing With The Stars” finale only a few weeks ago? This song is a serious thing! recently had the chance to interview the talented, openly-gay chanteur and we asked all about how “Boys Like You” happened, being signed to Republic and Scooter, having a single where a man flirts with another man playing on US radio freely or what his favorite songs of the moment and upcoming projects are! Read it all below!

The Interview

1. What’s the mystery behind your name Who Is Fancy?

There is not really a mystery anymore. It's me! :)

2. How was the process of singing with the powerful Republic Records?

I was first signed to SB Projects through Scooter and then met and signed to Republic Records.

3. I know you have opened tour concerts for both of the girls but having them collaborate with you in your new single is a whole different thing. How did you get Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande to sing with you in your new single “Boys Like You”?

Touring with Ariana was one of the best experiences of my life.....I never actually got to tour with Meghan because of the time she had to take off for her voice to heal. Meghan and I have been homies since before everything happened for her and I. So having her on a track was really exciting! Working with your friends is the best! Ariana and I share management and label and when they said that it was a possibility for her to be on the track I immediately wrote a third verse. She was the cherry on top ;)

4. If you had to do a quick praise on pop divas Meghan and Ariana, what would say about each one of them?

I'll always sing praise of my girls! They both are so supportive of other artists and also fun as hell!!

5. For those who haven’t heard “Boys Like You” yet, how would you describe your new song sonically and lyrically?

I would describe it as a fun sassy ode to loving boys ;)

6. Will there be an official music video for the song? If so, what can we expect from the treatment?

Yes there will....I think it will be a bit different then what people are expecting! But it for sure will be fun and sexy!

7. You get to attend the 2015 American Music Awards and perform at the Dancing With The Stars season finale. Some life-changing experiences, huh?

Definitely "how did I get here" moments. I feel like I keep falling upward (laughs). You spend your whole life waiting for these moments and then your there....and it's just like "whhaaaaa" (laughs).

who is fancy interview directlyrics

8. In an America where the population is rapidly increasing its acceptance towards homosexuality, and where the LGTB community has won so many rights in the latest years, do you feel in any way a representative of this change that the country is currently living with your music - you new single to be more specific -playing freely on the radio? Do you realize that perhaps this couldn’t have been the case a few years ago?

I do realize how this probably couldn't have been happening not so long ago.....but it is 2015. I think a lot of progress has been made....but the fight for equality is still so necessary on so many levels. Racism, homophobia , even the female to male pay ratio is evidence of this. If I am able to even be a small voice for change, or if I can represent people that haven't yet heard their voice being represented than I'll gladly be that!

9. What are your upcoming projects? Is an EP or a full-length debut album in the works?

All of the above!!!!!!! My ep comes out early next year and I'm starting to wrap up my full album! I'm very excited about what is happening musically!!!

10. What producers are helping you in the creation of your new music?

I'm working with a lot of producers! Jesse Frasure , a production duo Jarami, a production duo called frenship. My good Nick Ruth also produced a song for me! And obviously the amazing jr Rotem who produced boys like you!

11. What are Who Is Fancy’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

"Like I'm Gonna Lose You" - Obviously! my girl Meghan and my Nashville peeps who wrote it with her!!

"Wild Things" - Alessia Cara is my jam

"Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" - Jess Glynne because everyone should listen to that everyday.

"Focus" - again obviously gonna shout out my girl Ari!

And a country song called "Stay A Little Longer" by Brothers Osborne . They are so hot and his voice is like butttter.

12. Many would kill to have your manager, Scooter Braun. What is like working with ‘the boss’?

Scooter’s a brilliant man but what I am most thankful for is the team he assembled to make up SBProjects! Iron sharpens iron.....and there are a lot of sharp people getting it done there!

13. What are your expectations for 2016?

I'm aiming for world domination in 2016! A full fancy take over!

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