DirectLyrics Interviews Oh Honey: Talk “The Postcard Series” EPs, First Headlining Tour & Dream of Ed Sheeran Collaboration!

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DirectLyrics Interviews Oh Honey: Talk “The Postcard Series” EPs, First Headlining Tour & Dream of Ed Sheeran Collaboration!

We were really excited we got the chance to interview indie-pop duo Oh Honey.

You must know them from their song “Be Okay” which became a super huge hit last year. I mean, it was literally everywhere; on commercials, featured in TV series and films, it was even covered on “Glee”, I mean, everywhere.

Oh Honey, made of Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard, just recently finished their first headlining tour in the US which was put together to support the duo’s third EP “Wish You Were Here” (watch the video for the lead single “Oh Sugar” here) which arrived on iTunes in March this year. That EP, and the coming-soon “Until Next Time”, are part of the so-called “The Postcard Series” project which Oh Honey’s Mitch explained to more in detail in our exclusive Q&A.

Read below too Oh Honey answering questions about their beginnings, finding their music style, signing to Atlantic/Fueled by Ramen, becoming a household name last year thanks to “Be Okay”, their much-anticipated full-length debut album (it’s happening early next year!!!), or what fellow musician they dream of recording a collaboration with – hint: he’s British and has red rair.

Seriously. Oh Honey are super talented and they’re one band to watch out.

The Interview

1. You became a household name last year with your song “Be Okay”. It made it on the Top 25 on pop radio, and it was featured in a wide range of commercials, TV series and films. How did you react to the sudden surge of attention and love from people?

It was so surreal. Honestly you dream and hope a song you write will take off and get attention and then it does and it's really hard to believe. It's like watching a movie of your life and you're just waiting to catch up to it.

2. What inspired “Be Okay”, and you know you will be performing this song in ALL your concerts for the rest of your career, right? (it’s now your own anthem) By the way, what’s the crowd reaction like when you perform “Be Okay”? Do they sing it along with you? Do you feel it’s the song they’ve been waiting for?

'Be okay' was inspired by an outlook on life that's just like "hey, it's not so bad... Yes some days will suck. But the good will outweigh the bad. Life is too short to be pissed off all the time. Appreciate the beauty around you". It's definitely the song people go the craziest to. Everyone is singing super loud and dancing along. It's such a rush.

3. For those who don’t know yet; indie-pop band Oh Honey is made of Mitchy Collins and Danielle Bouchard from NY. How did you two get connected and how was the process of actually releasing an EP independently back in 2013?

We got connected through a mutual friend of ours. He knew I (Mitchy) was looking for a female counter part (the June Carter to my Johnny Cash if you will) to start a duo with. I had had some song ideas started and a vision of what I wanted Oh Honey to be. Danielle was the missing link. Once we got her vocals on the songs and sang together it's like the songs came to life and everything fell into place.

4. As a duo, did you always know indie-pop was meant to be your genre?

We write songs about what we feel. We try and be as open and honest as possible. We're human just like everyone else, we deal with the same heartbreak, family issues, life in general just like everyone does. Expect we write songs about all of it. We lean towards more organic sounds and acoustic instruments and listen to similar music, so I guess yeah you could say it was bound to happen.

5. Your debut EP “With Love” was well-reviewed and in less than a year since its release you got signed by Atlantic Records and then relocated to Fueled by Ramen, home of some amazing artists such as Paramore, Nate Ruess, or Panic! at the Disco. How exactly did you get signed? Was it an easy ‘yes’ you gave? And how does it feel to be part of such an amazing label?

We released Be Okay via Huffington post in September of 2013 and the Internet started paying attention, we started playing shows around NYC and they started selling out. It was all happening really fast. Then in January of 2014 Siriusxm Hits 1 picked up Be Okay and started playing it and then everything went crazy. Labels started calling. Shows started selling out faster. It was a whirlwind. we saw our dreams coming true before our eyes. It was incredible.

Being a part of Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic is a truly a dream come true. A lot of the artists we grew up on and still listen to are on the label. When we were meeting with people/labels.. They had the best vibe. It felt like home. They are truly amazing and genuine people and in the music industry that's often hard to find. It was definitely an easy yes for us when they offered us a deal. We love them.

6. You released this March a brand new EP, your third in fact, titled “Wish You Were Here”. Tell us a little bit about the songs that we can find in this new EP.

This EP talks about all the ways you can miss or appreciate someone. “It Can’t Rain Forever” is the idea that good days always follow the bad, but having someone to lean on makes the harder times a little bit easier. “Sugar, You” is about crushing on someone from a distance and wanting to get to know them better-- wanting them next to you. “A Thousand Times” is definitely the darkest song on the EP-- I think we’ve all messed up a really important relationship and spent a long time regretting our actions. “Compass” is about trying to make a relationship work despite never being in the same place as one another. Long- distance relationships are more and more common as the world becomes smaller (thanks internet), but they always come with their own unique challenges.

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7. The EPs “With Love” (2013), “Sincerely Yours” (2014), “Wish You Were Here” (2015) and the coming-soon “Until Next Time” are part of “The Postcard Series”. What’s the overall message behind this four-part project?

Each EP is a personal letter to our fans-- all our named in a way you would sign off on a letter. Each song is like a little story from our lives. All four EPs culminate into a series we named “Postcards.”

8. This question must be asked. Once you’re 4 EPs are out, when will Oh Honey fans have the much-anticipated full-length album of yours? And, will it sort of be a continuation of the “Postcard” EPs or do you have something different in mind?

We are always writing, so hopefully early next year!

9. You recently finished your first headlining US tour. What could concert-goers see in the Oh Honey shows? And how did it feel to be the headlining act now and not the supporting anymore? Surely, it feels like you have accomplished something, huh?

Tons of energy, some 90s covers, a few acoustic songs in the middle of the audience, and a lot of pretty bad jokes. Our first headliner was an incredible experience. We had the opportunity to play songs we don’t normally get to in a 30 minute set, and got to play our new EP for the first time. Seeing the audience sing back our words-- it’s indescribable.

10. A song from your first EP, “Get It Right”, was picked for the soundtrack of the 2015 film “The Road Within”. A music video was recently premiered. How honored were you that director Gren Wells thought of your song for her movie?

It was an extremely cool opportunity for us! The film is something we connect with on a personal level, and we love the message behind it. The fact that Gren also directed our music video and we were able to use scenes from her movie was the cherry on top.

11.What are Oh Honey’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

1. “Clementine” by Sarah Jaffe

2. “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

3. “Too Good” by Nick Santino (he just opened for us on our tour, check him out, he’s amazing)

4. “Livin La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin (don’t ask)

5. “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jaepsen

12. If you could record an original collaboration with any artist right now, who would it, why, and how do you imagine your song to sound like/be about?

It would be really awesome to work with Ed Sheeran and write a tragically beautiful love song! With some crazy harmonies and vocal layering of course.

13. Thank you for your time, guys! Any last thing you’d like to share with our readers?

Check us out on tour this summer with Ingrid Michaelson! Dates & tickets at And follow us on twitter & instagram: @ohhoneymusic. <33

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