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Cascada Blink out in 2014

Cascada really need no introduction. The German eurodance group - because it is a group. Lead singer Natalie Horler may be the visible face, but Cascada are in fact a trio, consisting of Natalie and producers DJ Manian and Yann Peifer - are celebrating in 2014 their ten-year anniversary. A ten-year career that has generated multiple chart-topping hits across Europe, and even two, very well deserved, Top 40 hits on the US Billboard!

'Everytime We Touch' and 'Evacuate The Dancefloor' are Cascada's biggest hits to date, last Spring they surprised fans when they represented Germany on the Eurovision Song Contest and just a few months ago (in November), Natalie and Co. did the unthinkable by releasing their first 'acoustics' album.

Being 2014 such an important year for them due to their decade of existence, Cascada released late last month a brand new single "Blink", which is yet another taste of the trio's catchy and party-ready eurodance music. "Blink" may have been released on March 28th only Europe, but US fans of Cascada worry not, because it's been recently announced that "Blink" will be available for you too soon via Robbins Entertainment.

Last week we caught up with Cascada's lead singer Natalie Horler for a quick interview and she shared with us her thoughts on the group's long-lasting career, their biggest songs to date, "Blink", the possibility of a new album, what happened in Eurovision last year and revealed with whom Cascada would like to collaborate in the future! Read below!


1. 2014 marks the ten-year anniversary of Cascada as a group.

What are the most important things you have learned and the achievements you are most proud of in these ten years of career?

Natalie: I must say it's quite difficult to think back over 10 years and count off all important things. I certainly know I've become thicker skinned as this job in general can be very tough on you. I've learned to not take too much notice of people judging you who don't even know you. I've had the amazing fortune to know what it's like to have fans who care about you and support you, who have maybe only met you once in their lives and maybe have seen one concert.

The achievement I'm most proud of is still being here today, still being able to tour the world, still getting asked to do new and exciting things like Eurovision or judge on Germany's Pop Idol and all this singing to dance music! Who would've thought?

2. Cascada’s biggest hits to date are undoubtedly ‘Everytime We Touch' and 'Evacuate The Dancefloor’.

When recording these two songs in the studio, were you conscious they were going to turn into such chart hits? If you had to choose your favorite between these two songs, which would it and why?

As much as I love both songs, 'Evacuate' was quite the milestone even when I was in the studio recording the track. I remember thinking this song has such potential to go a long way and I totally loved it! And I always try and stay humble when it comes to my own music. I don't even listen to my own stuff at home as I find it big headed!

'Everytime We Touch' was recorded such a long time ago, that I don't recall the experience quite so vividly I'm afraid. We were also no names back then...the last thing you're thinking about are chart successes when you haven't even had one yet! Recording a song of that speed was also quite a feat in those days. We're talking about singing to 140bpm!

3. Certainly ‘Everytime’ and ‘Evacuate' are two of your favorite Cascada singles. But if you had to make a Top 5, what would the other three be and why?

That is a tough one! Well, "Another You" will always be very special to me as Yann had written it from his own personal experience and as I recorded it, I knew it was a big deal to him. I really love the song, its beautiful.

"What Hurts The Most" will always stay a favorite, not only in the dance version but also the ballad version. It has an amazing melody so that is a song I still love performing. The last title will have to represent every other favorite song that I can't possibly choose as there aren't just 5 in total. Sorry about that!

4. With your 2011 studio album ‘Original Me’, some fans felt your sound had turned ‘too pop’. What are your thoughts on this?

In general, when people say we've become too pop or whatever- well, it’s normal to evolve over time and sometimes one just wants to try out some music that shows off your voice a little more. For us singers, that’s what it’s all about. As you can see we had never planned on giving up dance music - we love that, too!

5. Cascada are very well known for their eurodance beats, however late last year you decided to do the unexpected. Put the eurodance beats to the side, and re-record your most popular songs for an acoustic album called 'Acoustic Sessions'. How did the idea for this album come along?

Yann and I have always had a soft spot for the acoustic and dance-beat-less music if you will. So the realization that after nearly ten years we would have the opportunity to release an entire album of acoustic songs was fantastic for us!

6. After ‘Original Me’ in 2011, additional ‘compilation’ discs followed, and a few original one-off singles as well. And then, in Spring 2013, you did the Eurovision Contest. Cascada participated in last year’s edition representing Germany. Why did you decide to enter the competition in the first place?

Quite simply, we were asked to participate and I thought it would be a really fun experience- which it was! And we didn't get a free pass at the national final either. We had to compete with all the others and were voted for by the German public to represent Germany.

7. Were you fans of Eurovision?

I must admit, no! I've only become a lot more interested in the contest since being involved in it. It is a load of fun.

8. We really liked ‘Glorious’, and it definitely sounded like a winning song. Eventually, Cascada and ‘Glorious’ finished at the 21st position, though. If you could revert time, would you still have done Eurovision? Did you feel the 21st position was right?

Whenever you enter a competition, no matter what it is for, you have to accept that you could lose. In our case it didn't end that great for us, but I certainly don't regret the experience! And there's definitely no sense in finding blame in other things and what the reasons could be for not winning...

You just have to take it on the chin. It’s not the end of the world!

Cascada interview about Blink

9. It’s now 2014, and a new time for Cascada. You just released a new single entitled Blink", and the reaction by fans has been very positive. The track is signature Cascada dance music and a party-ready song, just in time for the summer, that makes everyone remember to live every second of life to the fullest. Tells us a little bit about the song. When did you record "Blink"? Did you have other candidate songs to be your new single? Why choosing “Blink” over those?

The song was sent over to us by a colleague in the States and we all fell in love with the song immediately. So as soon as we'd wrapped the acoustic album at the end of last year,I went straight into the studio to record the track.

Your description is pretty spot on! It is about not wanting to even blink, that is, close your eyes for even a micro second, so as not to miss out on the best time of your life happening right now. I loved the message of the song as well.

10. We hear “Blink” is part of an upcoming 5th album. Is this true?

A new album isn't planned for the near future right now, as our last (acoustic) album has only been out a little while- but new songs are being written all the time and I'll be in the studio very soon to work on the next single - even if it'll be a good while before you'll be able to hear any of it.

11. How is the promotion calendar for Cascada looking in the next weeks/months? Television performances, concerts?

Update fans on where (countries, programmes) can they expect to watch you perform live, or doing interviews.

Our gig calendar is pretty full for the summer already- many gigs in Spain, Scandinavia,Germany, UK, Austria. TV appearances aren't planned at the moment, although we just performed at a German TV show a few weeks ago.

12. What are Natalie Horler’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

I'm loving James Arthur's 'Get Down', Avicii's 'Addicted to You', Birdy's 'Words as Weapons' to name a few...I listen to a lot of old stuff aswell, like Michael Jackson .

13. What is your favourite country and city to vacation in?

Italy, hands down. I love the language, the food, the culture, the people, the fashion, the places...just everything.

14. If you could get one major pop artist to record a collaboration with Cascada, who would it be?

I'm loving what Avicii's doing at the moment for instance, but I've always had a weak spot for Will I am. I think he's amazingly mad!

15. Thanks for your time Natalie! We wish the best to Cascada! Any last thing you would like to share with our readers at Direct Lyrics?

Keep on listening to dance music! Thanks to everyone checking out this interview!

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