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She's written hits for Katy, Britney or Kesha, and she's now trying to build up a name as a singer in the spotlight. She did have one attempt at it back in 2004 with a debut album called "Trouble", but things didn't work out that well for a number of reasons. Label support, personal stuff, and it just wasn't Bonnie Mckee's moment yet.

She then had the opportunity to write songs for major pop artists and was lucky that millions of people across the world really like them and made them #1 hits. A few Britney and Kesha's hits are in Bonnie Mckee's repertoire, but it's her 'song-writing' relationship with Katy Perry that brights the most. It's with Katy with whom Bonnie has obtained the largest number of chart-toppers.

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However, 30-year-old California girl Bonnie Mckee now wants to write a few pop monsters for herself. She's signed to Epic Records and will be soon releasing her much-anticipated second album, her first after all her song-writing success.

An official single called "American Girl" was released last summer - boasting all the wonderful pop Bonnie has in store for us. She then released in Halloween a new song called "Sleepwalker", whose zombie-vampire music video certainly brought attention.

Bonnie's current plan is to release an EP this summer, and have her second full-length album in stores in late 2014. So fans have to be patient.

In the meantime, we caught with Bonnie over the weekend for an exclusive interview where she discusses; touring with Karmin, her hits with Katy Perry, her take on Kesha's 'drama' with Dr. Luke, her 'top secret' next single, recording over 30 songs for her EP and second album, her 'difficult time' with Chris Brown in the studio, among other things!

The Interview

1. Hi Bonnie! You will be opening for Karmin in the new leg of their US tour throughout April. How excited are you to get back on the road and play live shows for your fans?

I can't describe how elated I am to be on the road! For me it's all about connecting with the fans.

2. Are you a fan of Karmin’s music? If you could write a song for them, what would it be like?

Yes, I am a huge fan! Amy and Nick are both incredibly talented musicians. I would love to write kind of a No Doubt-esque song for them!

3. In the past few months you've debuted three new songs; "American Girl", "Sleepwalker", and most-recently one called "I Wanna Call You”. We are (still) loving all three! How satisfied are you with the chart performance of “American Girl”, though? Did you expect better?

I have been very spoiled having written 9 #1 songs for other artists and so it was hard for me to not have that for myself. However I am just incredibly grateful for the success that it did have, and the new fans I got along the way!

4. We've seen people in forums saying; "If Katy Perry had recorded it; it would've gone #1". Does it hurt you?

No, because it's true. Katy Perry is the biggest pop star in the world. Of course it would go #1. I am just a baby artist trying to build a fan base and get my name out there- I don't expect everything I do to blow up overnight!

5. Rumor had it "Sleepwalker" was going to be your first single instead of "American Girl". Was it true?

Sleepwalker was never meant to be a single. It was originally going to be a "Pringle" (Pre-single) which would just be a fun video to put up and introduce me to the world before we hit with American Girl, but the date got pushed up for AG so Sleepwalker became an "In betwingle" instead.

6. You recently introduced the new song "I Wanna Call You” at a live Yahoo! Session. Is the song inspired on true events?

Yes! I think everyone can relate to that feeling of being what I call an "eager beaver"! But it's true, you have to play it cool or you might scare them away!

7. You recently announced on Twitter that your next single is coming very soon. You called it a ‘top secret’ single. Tells us everything you can about the are dying to hear it! And, did Dr. Luke produce it? When is it coming?

It's an inspirational banger. That's all I can tell you!

Yesterday (April 6), Bonnie performed a new song called "S.L.A.Y" at her first show on the Karmin tour. Is this it, Bonnie?

8. Fans are also anticipating your new album. It is certainly long overdue. What is the current ‘status’ of the album? Are other producers involved besides Dr. Luke? When are you hoping to release it?

I will be releasing an EP to get started this summer! And yes I've been working with Dr Luke as well as Oliver and Jocke from The TeddyBears

9. How many songs have you recorded so far for the album? Will you surprise us with a big ballad?

I have about 30 songs. Definitely got some big ol ballads in there for you!

10. You are very well known for your amazing song-writing skills to create pop hits. Most-notably many for Katy Perry. What is your process for writing songs?

I usually start with a title, and then find a track that matches the mood and spin a story around it!

11. Are there any songs you've written for Katy that we haven't heard yet? Either because it was decided to not be used, or for future inclusion somewhere?

No. We are usually pretty deliberate with our writing and aim for keepers!

12. What is your most-proud song you’ve written for another artist thus far? And, why?

Teenage Dream, because it feels so natural and like it just always existed.

13. You’ve expressed in many interviews your support as both a human being and musician for Ke$ha. She’s recently left rehab (which she entered due to a health issue). What is the latest you’ve heard from her? And, do you feel her talent hasn’t been fully recognized?

I am Kesha's biggest fan! She is an enormously talented songwriter and singer. I haven't heard from her, but wish her all the best and applaud her for getting help when she needed it.

14. Are you aware of the ‘drama’ between Dr. Luke and Ke$ha?

Any opinion about it?

Yes I've heard about it. I think when you work so closely for so long you're bound to have disagreements. They are both very strong personalities.

15. You mentioned in an interview not so long ago with Joan Rivers that you were booked to write for Chris Brown. And that your studio time didn’t go so well. He’s now in prison and his future doesn’t look so bright. Any words for him? Wish him anything?

Chris Brown, as obnoxious as he is, is a really talented artist. I don't think we've seen the last of him. I do hope that he gets help for whatever is eating him and wish him well.

16. Now that you’re more focused on your own music career, will you be slowing down on your song-writing for other artists?

I am still writing for other artists, but I am a little more choosey about who I write for.

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17. What are Bonnie Mckee’s Top 5 songs of the moment?

Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty"

Lil Jon & DJ Snake "Turn down for what"

Lorde "Team"

Chromeo "Jealous"

Betty Who "Somebody Loves you"

18. The last album you purchased was?

Karmin "Pulses"

19. The last movie you saw was?

"Grand Budapest Hotel"

20. In the viral video for “American Girl” Katy asked you, “Am I competition?”. Do you consider her your competition?

We've always had a healthy competition going, and honestly anyone on the chart is gonna be considered "competition". But Luckily with katy, since I cowrote the songs with her, I'm kind of competing with myself. So It's kind of a win win for me!

21. Thanks a lot for your time, Bonnie! Best of luck with the new single and tour, any last thing you would like to share with our Direct Lyrics readers?

Just that I'm on tour and would love to meet/hug/kiss as many of you as possible!

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