DirectLyrics Interviews All Time Low: On New Album "Future Hearts", Big Screen Debut on "Fan Girl", and Favorite Current Artists!

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DirectLyrics Interviews All Time Low: On New Album "Future Hearts", Big Screen Debut on "Fan Girl", and Favorite Current Artists!

With the pop punk band’s new album “Future Hearts” to be released in stores in about a month, All Time Low’s frontman Alex Gaskarth granted an exclusive interview in which he discussed; what it meant to be finally giving fans new music since 2013’s “Don’t Panic”, the new album “Future Hearts”; why its title and all about the first single "Something's Gotta Give", the band’s upcoming big screen debut on the Meg Ryan film "Fan Girl", or what artists they're currently overplaying on their iPods!

Before you check out our must-read interview below, let's do a quick recap on All Time Low and highlight a few facts:

- Their debut album “The Party Scene” came out in 2005 and they’ve been making music ever since.

- Their best-performing single to date is 2009’s “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)” from the album “Nothing Personal”. It became ATL’ first Hot 100 hit.

- They tour ALL the years (and always sell out) - and 2015 won’t be an exception obviously. They will be headlining a Spring tour in the US with support from Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs, and co-headlining a UK tour with You Me At Six.

- They used to be on Interscope but they’re now rocking at Hopeless Records.

- Their music rock and you should be a fun. There are not many pop punk bands lefts in the music scene so All Time Low are kind of a "collectible" right now. Appreciate!

The Interview

How does it feel to be bringing new music in 2015 – almost 3 years after your last album “Don’t Panic” (fans have been impatient!)?

ATL: It feels absolutely amazing! We spent a good amount of time writing and recording this one. We wanted to make sure it was right, so we're really proud to finally have a release date and to have all the gears turning in All Time Low again.

The lead single “Something's Gotta Give” was sent to radio not long ago. Why did you think this was the perfect choice for first single?

ATL: It was kind of a no-brainer. Everyone who listened to the album pointed their finger at "Something's Gotta Give" as being the perfect bridge song between our last album, Don't Panic, and our new one. We wanted to come out of the gate with a big, anthemic rock song and I think that one fit the mold perfectly.

You shocked everybody with the music video for “Something's Gotta Give”. It features a zombie/gory theme. How did you come up with this treatment and what exactly did you want to convey with it (related to the lyrics?)?

ATL: Our director, Chris Marrs, came up with the concept when he heard the line, "I'm dying to live...". Suddenly he had this hilarious treatment of a zombie in denial that just wants to be accepted, but has no idea he's eating and murdering everything in sight. We all thought it was just so original and weird that we couldn't resist.

Your upcoming album is titled “Future Hearts” (out in April). How did you come up with this name?

ATL: Future Hearts represents a time in my life when I was reflecting on all of the amazing moments we've had, between starting the band and now. The feeling of running away and having the freedom to create the life you want, an "eyes on the prize" mentality of always pushing forward and going for the next big step.

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John Feldmann (5 Seconds of Summer, The Used) helped you produce the new album, and it’s been reported that “Future Hearts” “will give All Time Low fans a refreshed taste of the band”. How different has been the recording process of “Future Hearts” and how would you describe it sound-wise?

ATL: I think we just wanted to keep pushing things. There's a lot of things people know and love about All Time Low and we want to stay true to that process, but we're always looking for new ways to shift the style and the sound so as not to be redundant. It feels like another big step forward.

“Future Hearts” will feature exciting collaborations with the likes of Joel Madden and Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. What can you tell us about the songs you recorded with both and what was the studio time with Joel and Mark like? Quick chemistry?

ATL: Working with those guys is a dream come true! Their music helped shape me as an artist and a writer, so to have them collaborating with us on this record is an honor. They both have such a signature style that really adds to the dynamic of the album. So stoked!

When “Future Hearts” is released you’ll have a catalog of 6 studio albums. How long do you see yourself going?

ATL: We'll go as long as people want to hear new music from All Time Low! We're still having a blast doing what we do. So far, it continues to grow every time we play, so we have no reason to stop!

All Time Low is full of surprises. This spring you’ll be making your big screen debut in the Meg Ryan film, “Fan Girl”, and you’ll be providing the soundtrack as well. How were you approached to do all this? Was it difficult making songs that had to fit a movie’s storyline? And, will fans be surprised at the band’s acting skills?

ATL: Well, we actually didn't have to cater any of our music to the movie. It was the other way around. The folks putting the movie together used songs that they felt would help move the scene along, or applied to the script, which made things a lot easier for us!

What are All Time Low’s top 5 songs of the moment?

ATL: We've been listening to a lot of Royal Blood, Blink, Taylor Swift, Biffy Clyro and Hostage Calm.

Thank you ATL for your time! Any last thing that you’d like to share with our readers?

ATL: Thank you!!! We love you guys!

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