Dinah Jane Gifts "Retrograde" Studio Version To Fans

dinah jane retrograde

Dinah Jane unleashed the studio version of "Retrograde" this week. "Retrograde" was a new song Dinah debuted at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in December last year. The song was supposed to be the next single after "Bottled Up" and a confirmed song from Dinah's debut solo album but it seems all of that has been scrapped. Dinah is now working on "new music". Entirely new music I suppose. But as a nice gesture to her fans and so they don't go crazy from all the new waiting they have to do for the album, Ms. Jane is "releasing" the studio version of "Retrograde" - a song her fans liked from the live version - out to the world.

"Retrograde" is a cute urban-pop bop. It definitely doesn't scream "hey y'all, look what I could do solo. What did I tell you!?", though. "Retrograde" is a bit uninspired in the end, generic, and doesn't really go anywhere. I hope the "new music" Dinah is working on truly represents her essence. I'm praying all this generic urban-pop mess was something forced by her label.

Ranking: 2/5

Best enjoyed when: at a house party with your fellow 14-year-old friends.


By on March 29, 2019
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