Did Selena Gomez' New Song "Wolves" Need Marshmello? - Full Audio

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Did Selena Gomez' New Song "Wolves" Need Marshmello? - Full Audio

Selena Gomez and Marshmello’s collaborative song “Wolves” has just been released. Alongside it being available on platforms such as Spotify or iTunes, an “audio” video for “Wolves” has also been uploaded on Selena’s YouTube channel. “Wolves” has Selena Gomez as its “main artist” (hence the audio video premiering on her YouTube channel) so therefore we must deduce the song is the official follow-up to “Fetish” and that it too will be included on the pop songstress’ forthcoming studio album, whose officially release date hasn’t been formally announced yet by Interscope Records.

Wolves” is an electro house song as expected although the verses are rather tranquil, with the entire focus falling on the shoulders of Selena’s beautiful, mermaid singing. The tempo will switch greatly when Marshmello’s “drop” arrives. Although it won’t be the drop we were waiting to jam to. And here exactly relies the weak part of the song. “Wolves” is undoubtedly a beautiful song with melancholic lyrics but after such build-up every time all we get is a semi explosive drop… totally screwing with our anticipation and our craving to figurative lose it in the imaginary club dance floor we built in our heads. Such an anti-climax. Too weak to be a true drop. Can’t believe we’re about to say this but “Wolves” would win a lot without the drops. Just Selena’s beautiful singing - about wanting to find a man whose love she’s longing for: “I've been running through the jungle / I've been running with the wolves / To get to you, to get to you”.

In an interview with Beats 1, Selena said the following on “Wolves”:

“This was a song that I heard in Japan for the first time, and I was talking to Andrew Watt who is one of the writers I worked with for years, and he actually just played me a rough version and I thought it was really beautiful, and he sent it to Marshmello and created a really cool tone and a story with it, and the song is very beautiful and personal and the lyrics just have a whole story of its own. Weirdly, at the same time I was working on it in Japan, I was going through stuff, too, so it’s mirrored everything.”


By on October 25, 2017

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