Did Little Big Town Plagiarize Robin Schulz & David Guetta’s “Shed A Light” For Their New Single “Summer Fever”: Hear Comparison!

little big town summer fever

I'm personally not the biggest fan of Little Big Town. Although I did check out their Taylor Swift-written 2016 country hit single "Better Man" because... I'm a Swiftie. That song won a Grammy last year. Because Taylor Swift wrote it of course.

So fast forward to 2018 and Little Big Town have new music out because later this year they will release their ninth studio album. I really didn't want to check out this new song because if it wasn't written by Taylor, it had no fun for me but after reading a lot of positive reviews of this new song called "Summer Fever" (the first single from Little Big Town's upcoming album), I decided to give it a go.

Did I like song? Yeah. It's good, it's radio-friendly, will no doubt be a hit (and Little Big Town already need one because all of their singles from the last album after "Better Man" flopped), and the chorus is surely sweet. But the chorus has a problem too. And it's that it sounds VERY similar to Robin Schulz & David Guetta's "Shed A Light" collaboration (with vocals from Cheat Codes). I am no lawyer nor music engineer but my humble opinion is that there may be a case of plagiarism here. For me, in my opinion, it is EVIDENT. I would recommend Little Big Town to quickly credit Robin Schulz & David Guetta in "Summer Fever" if they don't want to get in real trouble.

COMPARISON BELOW (go to chorus):

"Summer Fever"

(Go to 0:35 in video below)

"Shed A Light"

(Go to 0:45)

What do YOU think?

By on June 7, 2018
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