Did CL Make American Singers Look Bad With Her LIT “Lifted” Performance On ‘James Corden’?

cl lifted james corden
cl lifted james corden live

And you thought she wasn’t going to promote? Ha!

2NE1’s CL's solo career is on its way in the US.

Following last month’s release of her debut US single “Lifted” (fully in English), the South Korea-born music princess took to the “The Late Late Show with James Corden” stage last night, September 16th, to deliver the first ever televised performance of “Lifted” and make her US television debut at the same time.

How was it? LIT!

CL looked bad-ass, her stage presence was amazing, she looked so energetic and ‘in the zone’, and the crowd at the studio of the CBS late-show LOVED her.

cl lifted james corden cbs

By the way, bravo to CL for innovating a bit and not just stand still on the allocated performers stage. She used the ENTIRE studio. She danced by the crowd section, she hung out and bopped with James Corden and his staff, she sat down on the stairs of James’s interviewing space, and then she returned to the starting stage to keep delivering choreographies. CL definitely made that cameraman WORK last night.

10 out of 10 for this performance.

Kind of embarrassing for American singers for a South Korean act to have to come to show how a TV live performance has to be done!


By on September 17, 2016
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