Demi Lovato’s Seventh Album Out In 2018? Brand New Single Coming In “Weeks”!

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I am so shocked right now.

Demi Lovato JUST finished having an impromptu Q&A with fans on Twitter, and during that exchange the pop singer revealed some sad and joyous news.

The sad: There will be no third single from "Tell Me You Love Me".

The joyous: It looks like her seventh studio album will be released this year! (and possibly before the 2018 summer ends). The first single could be released in a matter of "weeks".

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demi lovato tweet
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At first I thought Demi was referring to a "Tell Me You Love Me" album re-release including a few new songs but when she wrote "I have so much new music to release very VERY soon!!!" my opinion changed. That clearly sounds like a full new album has been recorded. But, isn't it too soon? "Tell Me You Love Me", the album, was released in stores only last SEPTEMBER. So if she releases her seventh studio album before summer ends, it would mean new album in less than a year. Sounds a bit rushed maybe? But hey... if the new music is completely bananas, bring it, gurl.

Still, I feel kind of sad she is giving up on "Tell Me You Love Me" this fast. "Games" would have been a great next single.

Also, the "Tell Me You Love Me Tour" isn't ending until November. So is she planning to include songs from the new album on this tour? So many questions!!!


By on May 29, 2018
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