Demi Lovato Shocks Fans With New Song “Sober”: Listen

demi lovato sober

I don’t know how to feel about this new song Demi Lovato just premiered online. It’s called “Sober”, and it’s the first of the new music batch she recently promised on social media. Apparently she’s gearing up to release a new album or EP in the coming weeks. And judging from this song “Sober”, Demi’s next project Is going to be her most personal, for real now, to date.

Momma, I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore / And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor”, sings Demi on the heart-breaking chorus of this piano ballad.

The song is good, it’s a great ballad, I love how Demi constructed the melody, but it’s the lyrics that have me confused, sad, and perplexed. My mind tells me to love this song but my heart just won’t let me. This is a song where Demi reveals she has broken her promise to remain sober, and although she promises in the end to look for “help” again, I don’t know if she should be revealing this… especially when it could affect her fans and possibly people that are going through her same issues too. Nobody likes to hear these “down in the hole again” news… you know what I mean?

Anyhow, I hope Demi gets that help. I love her and I want to see her only HAPPY.

Stay tuned because there’s no doubt she’s going to deliver the first live performance of “Sober” at one of the remaining concerts of her European leg of the “Tell Me You Love Me Tour”.


Read the lyrics to "Sober" here

By on June 21, 2018
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