Demi Lovato Reveals "Tell Me You Love Me" Album Tracklist!

demi lovato tell me you love me album

Demi Lovato Reveals "Tell Me You Love Me" Album Tracklist!

Demi Lovato unveiled the complete tracklist of her forthcoming sixth studio albumTell Me You Love Me” last night via social media. The follow-up LP to 2015’s “Confident” that will arrive in stores on September 29th will carry a total of 12 tracks in its standard edition. One of the most interesting titles is the album’s closing track: “Hitchhiker”.

Rumor has it “Tell Me You Love Me” will have a deluxe edition and a Target edition; the former featuring 3 bonus tracks (including “Instruction”), and the former 2.


1. Sorry Not Sorry

2. Tell Me You Love Me

3. Sexy Dirty Love

4. You Don't Do It For Me Anymore

5. Daddy Issues

6. Ruin The Friendship

7. Only Forever

8. Lonely

9. Cry Baby

10. Games

11. Concentrate

12. Hitchhiker

We’re loving the album cover, we’re loving the titles, and you know what we would love too? A new single! Isn’t it time already for single number two? “Sorry Not Sorry” is so old news now. We need a new single and a new music video!

By on September 13, 2017

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