David Guetta - "Lovers On The Sun" [Music Video]

david guetta lovers on the sun music video

David Guetta thought a wild west theme was the best option for his “Lovers On The Sun” music video. The Sam Martin-assisted and Avicii co-produced dance record is the one-off single from the French DJ for the summer of 2014. Although, rumour has it Guetta is already working on the follow-up to 2011's “Nothing But The Beat” album. “Lovers On The Sun” is taking most of the European charts by storm, as well as killing it in Australia. In the U.S, the Guetta single has cracked the Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs. For the song, the Frenchman decided to recruit an up-and-coming singer such as Sam Martin, and if you thought too “Lovers On The Sun” sounded a bit like Avicii, that’s because, as I already mentioned, the Swedish DJ was a co-producer.

“Lovers On The Sun” music video review

It’s the Wild West baby! No appearances by Guetta nor Sam Martin, but it's an affair of three main characters. A man has been captured by a gang of Wild West criminals - who are about to kill him – is rescued by a woman who has the super power to control the daylight. After saving him from a painful death, the two managed to escape but are chased by the bad guys. When finally both parties have to confront each other, the girl uses her powers to melt the fire arms of her opponents and scare them away.

The Wild West theme is definitely suiting, and the super heroine girl concept was cool!

david guetta lovers on the sun video

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By on August 12, 2014
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