CupcakKe - Wisdom Teeth lyrics

CupcakKe Wisdom Teeth lyrics

Below are the complete “Wisdom Teeth” lyrics by CupcakKe displayed. These lyrics were added December 28, 2017.

[Verse 1]
I bury a nigga before I bury the hatchet
Excuse my ratchet
I remember 20 degrees without no jacket
Heatin' up with matches
Motherfuckers ain't scarred like me, got hard like me
Came from starvin' beats so pardon me
For a verse I charge a G, I'm sorry, B
That free shit dead like no charger, G
Gotta get mine so I flip rinds
Came from laying on the floor like a flipped dime
When I see these niggas brag about what they used to
Them the motherfuckers that I'm really not used to
Understand that what you put in is what you get out
Respect only comes from what you allow
The Devil always try to get in you, within the mouth
The strong keep 'em out even with a low bank account

I'm real wise when I speak
I'm using my wisdom teeth
I'm real wise when I speak
I'm using my wisdom teeth

[Verse 2]
I eat ramen noodles just to humble myself
I don't change off wealth
Niggas on the ground finding these expensive-ass belts
That's a life they couldn't help
Food in the fridge, clothes on the [?] something
Or take the belt back after you post a pic stuntin'
Damn, all these niggas think about is theyself
The belt could get you hoes but can the hoes get you a belt?
Look, young nigga don't force it
Spent all your green on your outfit lookin' like the armed forces
Look inside your pocket, your left with a small portion
Real talk, my voice would be hoarse if it was horse shit
Ninety percent bitches won't mistake me for who?
Got these bitches on edge like Got2b glued
One minute could be up, the next minute she screwed
I was stuck at some point but got the gum off my shoes

I'm real wise when I speak
I'm using my wisdom teeth
I'm real wise when I speak
I'm using my wisdom teeth

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