Cook Rihanna Shares Delicious Pasta Recipe, But THIS ‘Ingredient' Offends Some People... [VIDEO]

rihanna pasta cooking

Rihanna shared with us a delicious cooking recipe this weekend. She took to Instagram stories to teach us how to make a gorgeous pasta for a home meal with your friends. Is there anything this woman doesn't do flawlessly? She has her hit music, her cosmetics empire, and now apparently she's taking over the cooking world? I honestly wouldn't mind spending a few coins buying a Rihanna cooking book after watching this video, lol. Take all of my money, my Barbados queen!


That looked so yummy. But there's one small detail fans, especially the Italian fans, of Rihanna didn't like/we're offended by. And that was when she added oil to the boiling water!

I must say I too was a bit confused when she added that oil...


In other news, we have CONFIRMATION Rihanna is releasing a new album in 2019. Who's excited?

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By on December 30, 2018
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