Coldplay - Charlie Brown (Music Video!)

Coldplay - Charlie Brown (Music Video!)

This song is just so epic! Coldplay premiered on Friday (Feb 3) the music video for "Charlie Brown", the latest single from the Chris Martin-led rock band's fifth studio album "Mylo Xyloto" - The Mat Whitecross-directed MV sees the Coldplay guys performing a concert at an undisclosed small venue before a lucky group of fans wearing the flashing 'Xyloband' bracelets (given out at Coldplay's latest gigs), and just feeling free, dancing the night away in an environment of black light, and glowing painting.

Love this! I think it captures perfectly the 'epic' feeling from the "Charlie Brown" production, and Chris' empowering lyrics "All the boys, all the girls, All the madness in the world, We'll start glowing in the dark". Btw, I'm still not sure for which market is "Charlie Brown" intended for as a single. The UK I'm guessing. Because Coldplay and Rihanna are playing 'Princess of China' at the 2012 Grammys, so that's gonna be the new US single. Mmm, I'm really hoping "Charlie Brown" doesn't get overshadowed. This is a much better song, and Coldplay deserve to promote it accordingly.

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

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By on February 3, 2012

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